LWSSL Football Returns Tues. 21 July

The LWSSL are pleased to welcome all clubs, players, coaches, managers, etc., etc. back to football with the first competitive league matches returning on Tuesday 21st July. The LWSSL wish all clubs best wishes for the new season and hope all have fun and enjoy the competitions ahead.

A full list of League Fixtures have been issue to all clubs with fixtures running through until the end of September.

This Year the LWSSL are working with the FAI to pilot a new Competition Manager Software System and hence all fixtures and results will be viewed and recorded via this system which is called “Football.ie”. The system will give all fixtures, league tables, team sheets, goal scorers, disciplinary records, etc.

The link to the system (Football.ie) is:


Note:  In Football.ie  – FAInet Level 1 = Division 1 & FAInet Level 2 = Division 2

If anyone has any difficulty accessing the system and or comments, etc. please contact the league secretary or any member of the committee.