LWSSL Senior Season ready to go!!!

The LWSSL 2017 Senior Ladies Soccer Season commences Tuesday 25th April.

This season there are six teams in Division 1 and seven teams in Division 2 giving a total of 13 teams. Unfortunately we say goodbye to Bridge Celtic B and Croom United who have not returned this season, but on the plus side we have gained two new clubs in Aisling Annacotty and Tulla United. The addition of Aisling Annacotty and Tulla United is substantially as a result of the LWSSL endeavours to promote and successfully run our Under 18 League for which we are very grateful to the work of Declan McDermott.

Aisling Annacotty are no strangers to the LWSSL and last competed in the league in 2010. Thanks to John Kelly, Jennifer Colford and their fellow coaches they have rebuilt their underage structure and are now seeing this work successfully building through to the senior section.

Tulla United, a club with excellent facilities, also have built a strong underage structure. Through the efforts of Denis Purcell and Stephen Brady and their successful venture into our Under 18 League this has now transitioned into a senior team.

These two clubs are good examples of the need for clubs to understand the benefits that can be gained from having good underage structures within your club and we suggest if a club is not already participating in Girl’s Underage Soccer then they should do so as soon as possible – the rewards to be gained are there for all.

Division 1: Aisling Annacotty, Cullen Lattin, Kilmallock, Lifford, Listowel Celtic and Murroe,

Division 2: Ballylanders, Bridge Celtic, Cappamore United, Herbertstown, Regional United, Shannon Town, Tulla United.